Red and Green

Kajah Tea Company Pvt Ltd started its voyage over 20 years back in 2001. We have a wide variety of teas accessible that can be relished as per your taste. Kajah Tea cherishes the diverse choices of its customers in contributing flavours and tastes to its tea products. Today, Kajah Tea has an elite product for everybody across south India, in a taste and flavour that they love and at a reasonable cost too. While entering the tea market, Kajah Tea looked for motivation from our devoted customers’ adoration and love and created a venture.

Our Product Categories

Home: This mix from us gives you a solid cup of tea that revives your mind and sets you up for daily tasks. Including the best grade teas, our home mix offers two different classifications premium and golden. All brought to you by thorough selection measures with our master tea ace blenders doing something unique for that remarkable taste you love.

Hotel: Within the hotel group, customers are requesting items with natural and home-grown elements. But, aren’t keen to compromise on taste. Kajah tea is uniquely positioned and has been fruitful in obliging this consumer assumption.

Kajah Green Tea: In the present engaged and on-demand way of lifestyle, shoppers search for health and wellness items that help them with their wellbeing venture. Therefore, we made a tea mix that gives the buyer the decency of natural ingredients with the genuine taste—presenting Kajah green tea, a tea mix with the character and goodness of real tea leaves.






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